Why Crossfit Is Not Just a ‘Fad’

Here is some great food for thought on Crossfit. Check it out, write down your feelings. Either way, Crossfit isn’t going any where. The businesses will rise and fall, just like anything else in the economy. It is the community that will keep the mentality, and the vitality of Crossfit alive.

Crossroads of the Heart

One of my posts that receives the greatest number of hits each day is this piece on Rich Froning, both 2011 and 2012’s Fittest Man in the World.  Based on this information, the increasing number of commercials on TV, and friends / family members who have gotten involved with a ‘box,’ I’ve determined that crossfit is officially “IN.”

However, as with all things that undergo a drastic surge in attention, crossfit has also received a boatload of criticism.  To the outsider (or unaddicted-er), the community resembles a meat market for egotistical jocks, an inflated workout routine and even criticized for injury-prone movements.

Yet, perhaps the most insulting comment of all comes from the people who call crossfit a FAD.

I will probably still crossfit while I’m pregnant and beyond the age of 70

Ok, before you start freaking out.. are you a crossfitter?


Ok, let me explain something.


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This is not McDonald’s. This is My CrossFit Box.

“What we do want, as a community, is for everyone to love their CrossFit Experience from their very first WOD.

WOD Nomadic


McDonald’s has rationalized their business to a Global presence.  When you enter a McDonald’s restaurant you know exactly what to expect.  When you order a Big Mac you know exactly what it will taste like, what it will be wrapped in and what type of table you will be sitting at when you eat it.  They also have somehow trained us to pick up after ourselves – good job McDonald’s, something did transfer into CrossFit.

Now let’s move from why we engage in fitness to where we engage in fitness. Similar to McDonald’s, gyms like 24 Hour Fitness have rationalized their existence (Globo Gym).  When you walk into a 24 Hour Fitness you know where to find the free weights, how to find the next scheduled spin class and don’t worry, there will be a trainer who will put your weights back.

These gyms can also offer muti gym memberships…

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