Stay on Top of It.

A little Tuesday Meme humor for you… 🙂

I was at the box last Wednesday, our strength and mobility work included working on Hang Clean Progressions. These progressions worked up to our 3 rep max weight (so 92% of your 1RM). I didn’t have my Weight Log with me at the time, so I went with what I thought was close to the required weight. I worked up to a weight of 145#. It felt good, and I definitely worked hard for my last few reps. After getting home, I had realized that I actually set a new personal record. It was a 45# PR! I almost actually started dancing around in excitement.

Now, I didn’t start writing this post to tell you how awesome I am. Although, let’s face it…I am kind of a big deal. Not sure if you knew that or not yet. Just kidding.

In Crossfit we use a variety of factors to quantify our training. Some of them are the Benchmark Girls (Fran, Grace, Diane, Chelsea etc), Hero WOD’s, and our 1RM (Rep Max) Numbers. Staying on top of these numbers allow you to actually see the results of your training. It’s not up to your coaches to keep track of it, it is up to you.

That being said, I have been playing with a couple different ways to track WOD’s and 1RM’s over the past few months. I started out originally using a simple composition journal. I found that easy to do when everyone else is doing the same thing. If no one else around you is doing it, then it is very hard to have to stop between the work outs and flip through the journal. I think after a few months of trying different methods, I have finally found a system that works.

First, for the 1RM’s I use an iPhone App. This app is called “MyWOD.” Through MyWOD you can easily track everything about Crossfit. You can track your WOD’s, PR’s and Rx WODs, Max Weights, and Common WOD’s (Heros and Benchmarks etc). I like using this app specifically for tracking my max weights. It allows for quick and easy reference during WOD’s with little interruption to the flow of the class.

To track my WOD’s I actually just started using Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB). It is a company, unaffiliated with HQ, who have developed a web based workout journal. Since my box has subscribed to the company, it allows all the members to log on and track their WOD’s weekly. The WOD’s are typically already entered into the website and all we usually have to do is add our results to the site. BTWB also allows us to track meals, and weight, as well as establish and track our goals for the year. It takes all the information and inputs it into graphical format for quick and easy interpretation of results that we are seeing. My only complaint about this website is that there no specific place to track our one rep max. If they had that, it would be probably the best and easiest way I have seen to track and manage your workouts.

While this may have been a bit of a rant, hopefully it helped you figure out how to keep track of how you’re doing. I’d love to hear from you, and see how you track your WODs.