Here are some great links that helped me find plenty of information about Crossfit.


Crossfit Mainsite:

  • Mainsite will produce WOD’s that you can follow along at home if you have the discipline to do. The site also has plenty of information to make you WOD better!

Find your local Crossfit Affiliate:

  • Yes, this is Reebok’s website. However, they do have a really good listing of affiliate gyms all over the world. If you don’t like Reebok, well…there is always Google!

Again Faster – 

  • Check out their video’s and articles. They have a whole section dedicated to beginner Crossfiter’s which can help you navigate the workouts, terminology, and also give you tips on how to perform more efficiently during workouts. After you get comfortable with what you are doing, they have a great equipment product line.


Here are some fellow bloggers who have dedicated their writing to food. Fitness and Nutrition do go hand and hand. These are some websites that will give you more information, recipes, and the goods and bads of various foods.

PALEOMG – A Crossfitter (who I haven’t yet decided on her mental stability) that is absolutely hallarious, and has some BOMB Paleo recipes. Have to thank my friend Jenn Smulligan for sending me in her direction. It was definately a good move.

Civilized Caveman – yet another BOMB Paleo website. A Lot of his recipes are also Gluten Free. I have gotten lots of ideas to mix and match meal creations that have been absolutely amazing.

These are just some of my favorite sources when I go and check things out. Please, spend some time at the computer and read the information that is out there…once you do that I can assure you that you will be at a CF Box within weeks.


Go about it here:

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