If any of you thought of this video clip after reading that title….

…Then give yourself a high five!

Any who…I was always a major fan of the ever versatile generic name brand running shoe. It was a shoe that I could use all the time. Well, that was until I met the Box Jump. I was working out on my own, away from an affiliate and I wanted to try and perfect my technique with the 24″ box jump. Well, lets talk about how awesome it was to do box jump in running shoes. I caught the edge of my arch support on the lip of the box, and before I realized what happened I was going up and over the box and face first into the floor on the other side.

Inov-8 230 lite.

So I did some research. I asked my coach, and fellow crossfitters. As we all know that is where we get the best information, by people’s experience with them! I was led in the direction of two different shoes. The first was the inov-8 line of shoes. I have been told this is a better shoe for when you get used to working out with minimalist foot ware. I have yet to actually use them. They have a whole line of various minimalist shoes. They look cool, that’s for sure.

Next up, we have the Reebok Crossfit Nano’s. I was a little weary about trying this shoe at first. For a couple of reasons, first I have never in my life actually been a Reebok product fan. Secondly, I was a little skeptical about their involvement in Crossfit. My impression was Reebok being the big corporate mongrel trying to cash in on the Crossfit movement. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I have a pair of the black and grey Crossfit Nano’s. I loved them so much, I may get another pair to use for my daily sneakers! Let’s talk about why I love them so much.

First, there is the nano technology. These shoes were researched and developed by Reebok to meet the ever changing Black/Grey Crossfit Nano'sdemands that the Crossfit athlete encounters. It has a minimal sole, that is designed to match the pressure points on your feet. It doesn’t hyper/hypo-extend the arches of your feet. It simply matches the natural demands the body has, while still offering the support  to allow you to make the transition into minimalist work outs. It was tough at first. I found myself having to adjust how I ran, walked, jumped, squat, everything seemed to realign to the natural way that my body was supposed to work. I found myself driving my heels into the ground and adding some spring in my toes when I ran. I felt it wasn’t as easy to roll onto my toes during squats. All in all, I love working with the new shoes.

That being said, everything has to have a down side right? There is a couple problems with this shoe, but not enough to make me move onto another brand yet. First, the shoes are a bit narrow. I am not speaking from a standpoint of support because that is pretty spot on. I am speaking from a standpoint of physically fitting my foot into the shoe. So they run a little small, but I went up 1/2 size and that problem was resolved. The other con or generally neutral feelings I have about the shoe is Reebok’s UFORM technology. The UFORM technology basically allows the shoe to fit the natural curvatures of your feet. I actually didn’t notice any difference (at rest) in the feeling of the shoe before or after doing the UFORM process.

Overall, if you are considering Crossfit you do need to take a look at your shoes. You will learn a lot about the way you exercise with the simple change of shoes. As a beginner, the Nano’s have treated me very well. If you are a beginner too, or someone who is just about to get used to changing your foot ware, try out the Nano’s.