About Me!

DISCLAIMER: I am an AMATEUR. No information on this website is to be considered professional advice. If you take my information as some sort of be all, end all…then I should be able to sue you for stupidity! Seriously though, talk to a medical professional before starting any excercise routine!

That being said…

My name is Ryan Anderson. I am a 25 year old Paramedic from the Boston area.

I started training on my own, not doing any specific work outs just lifting and running back in May of last year. I kept doing the same old sets and same old routine. Well, I thought that was working. It wasn’t until I failed my 3rd Police Entrance PAT that I decided I needed to step my training up.

I have had a bunch of friends who tried Crossfit. They told me to try it, and I never thought I was “good enough” to actually succeed in it.

Well, one day I took the plunge and joined Crossfit back in February. It has been the best decision for me ever since. I have been blogging for a few months on a variety of EMS issues. I have decided to refocus my writing on the adventures, trials, and tribulations of the lifestyle that is Crossfit.

I hope this blog helps you make decisions about trying Crossfit, or maybe just make lifestyle changes to better yourself. For you visual learners out there…here’s a little video 🙂



Go ahead...talk about it here:

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