May the Force Be With You…

I was aimlessly wasting time today, like it was my fucking job. (If I figure out a way to not do anything and get paid for it, I will certainly capitalize on it let me tell you).

I came across some pretty scary, annoying, stupid, and overall obnoxious stuff while surfing various Crossfit resources on the internet. Frankly, it scares me to see what it might do to the sport that we have come to love so much. A post popped up in my Facebook feed from the site “Crossfit and Paleo Resources.” The site talks about how Greg Glassman (if you don’t know who he is, you can find the Google Search bar in the upper right corner of most web browsers) is dealing with some problems with his board members (who is also his ex…hehehe):

The following quote was taken from the Crossfit New England (Natick, MA) Website:

One of the board members of this firm [Anthos Capitol], Bryan Kelly, approached us months ago with schemes and offers to turn each and every one of our 4000 affiliates into a franchise location designed to pimp supplements, clothing, and fitness industry garbage we all rejected when we first turned to this program. When we told him we weren’t interested, he went behind our backs, deceived us, and is now making a move to take what we wouldn’t give him.

We all know that we already pay a premium for our experiences at Crossfit. Some of us, are lucky enough to have worked out some sort of indentured servant arrangement for membership prices, but for the most part all of us pay premiums. This is a topic that we, as a community, definitely need to stay on top of us or the world that we love could be turned into everything that we hate about the fitness industry.

This information just started popping up on the social media networks, and this thread appeared on the CF HQ Message boards. I have to admit, the conversations on this thread are inquisitive, and very professional on both parts of the Crossfit Staff and the affiliate managers tuning in for information. It is definitely worth the read.  On Crossfit New England’s website Russell Berger goes on to talk about how we need to ” spread the word, but we are dealing with a threat that must also be understood. We want you all taking a hard look at the Affiliate system and asking important questions about why it is so successful, and what we have to lose. Enough of you now know the basic facts of the issue to start forming opinions and coming to conclusions on what an Anthos purchase of CrossFit could mean for you and your Affiliate, and for many of you this is scary.”

Change, or even the thought of it, is scary. I am looking into forming my opinion about Anthos, and currently it is not a positive one.

I feel like this is a test.

It’s a test to deal as a community. Think about “normal life” when someone threatens a neighbor, or if there is a fire, or (a little less dramatic) if someone needs help watching their children who do we turn to? Each other, right? Well…this is the kind of situation where our neighbor needs us to watch over his kids. (bare with me I promise this analogy will make sense). We need to be there to support the Crossfit Community, if we can support the brand name then that is awesome. However, it is not the brand name that brought us all together. It is the desire to evolve from the fatness that brought us down in the first place. It is the desire to see each other pack on the plates for dead-lifts and see our PR’s shatter. It is the desire to succeed, and we as a community will do that with out Athos Capital.  We need to branch out and explain to people why this would be a bad thing. If they want to throw away $20 Million, then you know what…let em. Our community won’t change, just the name above our door.

Please keep in mind, I am a simple, bottom-level crossfitter. I am NOT a CF L1 Trainer, I am NOT an affiliate owner. My opinions of this potential change are that of a participant. That being said, franchising will ruin everything the Crossfit Movement was founded upon. If this allowed to happen, there will be a black hole in the “account’s receivable” office at Crossfit HQ. Affiliation agreements will flee faster than you can say…WTF?!

All I have to say is this:

To Lauren Glassmen, and Athos Capitol: You are NOT welcomed by the Crossfit Community. You are not embraced, nor will you be when you enter a box. Take your greed, and selfish desires elsewhere.

To all the Crossfitter’s out there: This is the time to show Athos just how strong a community is. Let’s make them understand, that their business is not welcomed here and affiliations across the world will loose the “Crossfit” name.

Until then, I am going to keep getting my WOD on like nothing’s wrong. You can bet, however, that I will be watching the evolution of this story like a hawk.
Take care everyone!




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