A Breath of Fresh Air

When you hear “Crossfit,” what is your first thought that comes to mind?

For me, its the intense WOD’s, weight loss, improved self-esteem, and most importantly camaraderie. I’m here today, to share a some blog space and offer some publicity for a program that my former coaches are launching at the end of this month.

Photo Credit: Patrick Maquire (EastonPatch)

My former coaches, William Lexner and Karen Bosader opened their own box in Brockton, MA about a month ago now. They didn’t open it to ride to coattails of the current Crossfit revolution, and make some good money. They opened the box so that they can start a non-profit organization to increase fitness and decrease obesity in low-income youths. They want to be able to “increase self-confidence, and promote only the best physical fitness that only Crossfit can provide.” The coaching styles, and knowledge base that these two will bring to the area is amazing.

So you are probably wondering why I call it a breath of fresh air…huh? Well, with the recent explosion of Crossfit across the country boxes gym’s have been poping up all over the place, and people are willing to pay the money to do it because they know it’s worth the investment. Karen & Will are taking the mission of Crossfit and making it accessable to youths in the Brockton area that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to enjoy the benefits of the programming. That’s what the breath of fresh air is. Providing the coaching and nutritional advice to empower teens.

For those of you from the Massachusetts area, you know that Brockton is a pretty low income city. This information was taken straight from the Project Boost Website:

The percentage of low income youth in Brockton, MA is more than twice that of the state average at nearly 71%. Even the high school graduation rate is lower at 69.4%. Compounding this problem is the fact that nearly 40% of the youth are overweight or obese.

Will & Karen: Congratulations on making dreams a reality. I look forward to following your programming and seeing all the good that you guys will do for the youth of that city. I can only hope that more box’s around the country will see the value in this type of programming and you guys will become trend setters!


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