Good News/Bad News

So I was thinking about what I needed to talk about, for once I actually do not have much to say…go figure. I started my MBA program this week, and since it is all online it has chewed up a lot of free time that I used to reserve for blogging. So if I drop off the face of the WordPress earth, please forgive me and know I will be back soon.

Alright, lets get down to business here. Good News: We are coming up on the 6th month anniversary of me joining Crossfit. With that, I have some exciting facts to report. First, I am down 25 pounds since I started Crossfit. Secondly I am down 1 shirt size and 2 pant sizes. I am able to fit into clothes that I haven’t fit in for years. It is a very exciting thing when you are able to quantify the results of hard work and dedication.

What’s that you say? You wonder what the bad news could be? Well here it is: Bad News, I have fallen victim to one of the oldest overuse injuries in the book. Tendonitis, of the internal hand/thumb area. Well, technically speaking it would be more tendonosis. Seriously, a thumb. I had been feeling pain for about a week in my right hand and started to notice a very large decrease in my ability to support heavier weights that involve front rack, ie Front Squats, Clean, Snatch etc. I ignored it at first because I figured I was just working thru already established mobility issues in the same hand/wrist.

This is my brace, that I am supposed to wear “most of the time, but not continuously”

I got seen by a Phyician’s Assistant at my PCP’s office because my regular MD was not available. Want to know what was entertaining? Trying to explain to her, what Crossfit actually was, I was trying to gauge how much alteration to my routine I would need if any, and I am quoting what she said back: “Aerobics should be fine but I would caution you getting too worked, just make sure you get plenty of rest and hydration.” I almost had to laugh, well…I did laugh but that is neither here nor there. She wanted me to completely stop all physical activity and get occupational therapy for my hand. Well…I will go to OT/PT whatever it ends up being, but I am just going to modify the workouts so I don’t blow out my hand.

As you can see I am cursed to a semi-permanent brace for the time being. I did find it funny when they told me to wear it while at work and such but not to wear it 100% of the time. Me, being the wise ass that I am asked the PA what I should actually do at work with lifting. It was then that she asked me what my career was and I told her how I worked in Emergency Medical Services as a Paramedic. I explained how I had to lift, move, and potentially compress patients all day long. She then had a this brief pause, where I actually debated if she was having a stroke by the odd sideways glance she gave me. Then she asked me the question that really proved to me my copay money was well spent…”Well do as much as you think you can do.” Isn’t our healthcare system great? Her perfessional medical opinion was passed along to my judgement and telling me to do what I felt comfortable doing. Let’s be honest folks, that was going to happen anyway, but at least make it look like you care.

Most of the next week will be spent catching up on school work, and figuring out how to scale WOD’s so I don’t cause more injury. Until next time people, take care!


2 responses to “Good News/Bad News

  1. Hah! Oh, the dreaded tendonitis. I developed it in both elbows, but worse in my right…. from burpees!! Hah! Started with the Open WOD where we did 7 minutes of burpees. Now, I’m nursing a shoulder injury as well, which means all the fun things like snatches, split jerks are out for awhile. Boo.

    I’m a photographer, and right-handed at that. So when I’m not sitting at a computer typing/editing photos/etc, I’m holding a camera. I have found a lot of help with MobilityWOD’s floss bands and their specialized videos.

    My advice to you is to let it heal completely… but we CF’ers never learn, and we heal ourselves to a point where we can jump back into the WOD’s full speed even though we have nagging pain, “sticky” joints, etc.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey Mariah, isn’t tendonitis such a pain? I am still doing the WOD’s but movements that require grips, and such I have DRASTICALLY scalled back the weight. It almost feel’s awkward at times because I am use to a lot more weight on the bar than I have been using.

    Oh well…what can you do right?

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