I’m Moving On…

No, I am NOT giving up on CrossFit!

I recently moved, and that move took me an hour away from my current box. I am still WOD’ing 3x a week at my original box. The part that is becoming frustrating, and demotivating is that it is so far away. Two days a week, I drive down to the box after I get out of work and one day a week I have to drive all the way down from home. I have a coffee and enjoy the drive, sometimes its relaxing…other times its annoying. There is something about a good playlist, and the open road that can really help clear the head. If you combine that with a kick ass workout, that will put you on the road to stress free pretty freaking quick.

I have thought, stressed, and debated this process over and over in my head many times. I have some really awesome support at Crossfit 508, in Attleboro MA. People may not know my name, who I am, or even that I am writing this blog about them as we speak. However, after all of that, after every ounce of energy was disposed of…and I was hanging in that POST WOD haze, they were there to support me.

This past weekend our Box moved locations. We went from Attleboro, to a location in North Attleboro. Saturday was the last group WOD at the old Box. We sent the Box off with the following “Bittersweet WOD” it was a partner WOD:

  • 50 Burpee Buy In (25 each person)
  • 100m Overhead Walking Lunges w/ 20# Wall Ball. Split evenly between the pair.
  • 200m Kettlebell carry each does 200m.
  • 400m Run. Each do 400m.

I saw it up on the whiteboard, and thought…3 rounds? Sure…why not? Well, lets just say I was smoked after doing 25 burpees. No rest for the weary tho, onto the walking lunges. I have been doing a lot of work with hip mobility and getting the flexibility down to do lunges properly. I thought I was making great progress, that was until I placed a 20# Wall Ball over my head.

I can’t say enough about my partner during this WOD. I was partnered with a woman who had been with our Affiliate manager/owner for many years. She had nothing to offer but encouragement. Instead of getting in my face and yelling “NO REP” when my knee wouldn’t touch the ground during a lunge she would offer encouragement, despite being only able to speak 2-3 word sentences from the shortness of breath caused by the work out. I was the last to finish all 3 rounds of the work out. There is something to be said for that, but you know what? I finished at least. I finished the workout with a time of 31:23. I was actually surprised, I came around the corner on the back half of the last 400m run. I wasn’t sure what I heard…then it became clear.


I thought holy shit! They’re cheering for me? Aren’t they exhausted, tired, trying not to puke? Oh wait…that’s me. I got angry. I felt like a gazelle trying to get angry at the pavement and kept just slamming my legs in my stride trying to shave whatever time off of the clock that I could. I was at that moment where I thought I would surely die, and I jumped over that line that was holding me back in my head. They saw me come around that corner, and the rest was a blur. Next thing I knew I was starring at the timer wondering if I was going to vomit all over the pavement.

So…you’re probably wondering why I went on that psedo-tangent there huh?

It finally clicked inside my head, this isn’t specific to my Box. This is a mentality of the people that Crossfit. We are all there in the WOD, we all have to get thru that grueling work out one way or another. This is a form of support that will never change. It’s the same mentality from the people that do Crossfit.

I have learned more in the last 2 months of Crossfit, not about the sport, but about myself. That security is allowing me to move on. I’ve decided that it will be better for me (from a big picture) to switch to a closer box to my home. There is some comfort in knowing that the CF world is VERY small. We’ll definitely run into each other again some day.

That being said, there are a few points that I want you fellow beginner Crossfitter’s to remember:

  1. Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest.
  2. You’ll pass out before you die, despite how many burpees are on the whiteboard.
  3. It’s not how good you are, its how good you want to be.

Go ahead...talk about it here:

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