The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday.

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Remember when you thought you were “working out?” We were all there at one point, running endless cycles on the elipticals, arc trainers, or treadmills. Those routines were usually followed by some form of a weight lifting routine where we would endlessly lift weights up, and put them down. We would get frustrated at our lack on improvement results, and then it happened. Someone you know, somewhere made the suggestion.

“You should try Crossfit.” instantly inside your head, you start thinking how you aren’t strong enough for it. You think about all the beastly individuals you see on ESPN late at night banging out WOD’s at the Games every year. Then it happens, you start googleing the shit outta everything you can on all that is Crossfit. You search aimlessly on YouTube hoping to get an ounce of direction to make the decision easier for you. After some searching you know exactly how many “Boxes” are in your acceptable driving distance, and then you start looking at the prices. Suddenly, you are turned off…you say “This isn’t for me.”

Money sucks, there is never enough to go around. It is dirty, it complicates things, and we always seem to owe it to someone, somewhere. So we have settled it then, might as well spend it on something that is going to get some great results.

Moving on…

That itch comes back to ya. No, not that itch that you got after your night out last weekend that requires a rather large shot of penicillin in your gluteus maximus. I am talking about the desire to change. The frustration with way things are going, whether it be professional, personal, or physical. You reach the breaking point and realize that something needs to be done. You do just that, exactly what needs to be done. You find that Box that offers you what you need, the people, coaching, and the WOD’s come together in a perfect….


The reason I am writing this post is to tell you this, not all of us look like Rich Froning. We are, for the most part, all amateurs simply trying to better our lifestyle to a form of fitness that is useable in the rest of life. You will be dragged out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is still stuck on the treadmill back at the globo-gym that you left behind in the search of a better life.

I have a rule of thumb, if there is a workout where I have an option…I choose the option that I want to do the least. For the exact reason that it takes me outside of my comfort zone. For example, this past Wednesday we did a WOD where we could choose to row or run. It was pouring rain, I should have ran. Here is how it was structured:

Option 1: 5 X 1000m w/ 2 Minutes rest between each 1000m. Keeping each attempt within 2-5 seconds of each other.

Option 2: 5X800M w/ 2 Minutes rest between each 800m. Keeping each attempt within 2-5 seconds of each other.

I chose the rowing option, such a bad idea. I did, however, learn a lot about my form for rowing. Most of what I learned was how it went to shit after about 650m, but still…it was something learned. It was a lot tougher than I ever thought it would be.

OK, so I am finally done writing on this one. I want you to take away from this: that it is not gonna kill you. It will break you down, but you will survive and feel the best you have ever felt!

Take care everyone, be sure to check out ESPN 3 (might as well be ESPN ‘the ocho’) for the Games coverage. I have been watching last year’s games on repeat getting pumped for July.


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