Double Under’s, Muscle Up’s, and Snatchs

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There are few things in the Crossfit relm that make me nervous to try. I say few, because I lump the “Ladies” and most of the Hero WOD’s into one category. The three main movements, or exercises that I truly despise are Snatches, Muscle Ups, and Double unders.  I do not like failure, I fucking hate failure. It’s almost unhealthy how obsessed I am with not failing. Look at the picture, isn’t that funny? It’s funny because babies don’t snatch….or maybe they do. Anyway, whenever I see the word “snatch” it brings me to an infantile state of fear (HA see what I did there). What is the best way to take that fear on, stare it in the face and spit down it’s throat. Something awesome happened this past Wednesday. I was at Crossfit 508 for my daily WOD fix. Our WOD consisted of forming a 1RM for squat snatch and then the WOD was an Alternating Tabata with an Rx of Snatch (135# and 95#) and Muscle Ups.

A couple of good things happened during this WOD. First, I finally got the form down for a proper squat snatch. With getting the form down, I hit a 50 lb personal record, yeah…you read that right – 50 pound PR. Who knew, Good form leads to more weight up in the air. Well…I think the Crossfit God’s didn’t want me feeling empowered too long because right after that I tried doing a muscle up and it just didn’t happen. No big deal, I am not that close to beast mode yet so I wasn’t expecting it yet.

I am no where near obtaining my first muscle up, so I used a scale level. I replaced the muscle ups with ring rows for now. Muscle ups area an intense gymnastic movement where you basically go from a hanging position to an elevated position using the ring dips. Feel free to click on the “Crossfit Movements” Widget to the right if you wanna watch someone do it. I can’t describe it and really do it any justice. It is a movement commonly reserved for the more experienced crossfitter than myself, but hey a boy can dream right? The best way for me to get closer to that goal, is just working harder every day.

Finally, Double Unders. Every time I see double unders on the whiteboard I want to yell, kick, scream, and fight. Not because it is a heavy lift, or something that is extremely complicated. It is only because I have the hand eye coordination of Helen Keller in a Ping Pong competition. To work on this, I usually work on a 2:1 scale. Double unders is simply the jump rope passing under your feet twice. I keep getting closer and closer as time goes on, but for right now it is still pretty fucking frustrating.

Until next time folks, Keep Calm, and WOD On!


2 responses to “Double Under’s, Muscle Up’s, and Snatchs

  1. Let me echo your frustration. Snatches: I know that I can get more weight above my head but once it gets heavy, I start thinking about the bar and not my form and I’ll miss one little part or not time the parts right and I start failing, then I get frustrated, then I get in my head, then I’m in a weightlifting hole that’s hard to get out of.
    Double Unders: I hate ’em. a year ago, I had a wicked string of 20. YEAH, BUDDY!!!! WOOHOO!!! and for the next 8 months I couldn’t seem to get the rope under me once nevermind twice. I threw the rope across the gym more than I jumped over it. And then just last week I had a string of 35. I have no idea why. I was just messing around and the assignment was 20.
    And whats really frustrating about double unders is that it is just jumping rope. 6y/o girls jump rope at recess and as a grown man, I can’t seem to figure it out.

  2. Right John? I lowered the weight significantly for the Tabata WOD. I went from my 1RM of 120lbs to a 65lb weight. I was pretty self concious about it, until I hit my 3rd or 4th rep and my form started to suffer. There were several times where I had a “No Rep” Situation because I would either get to the bottom of the squat and not be able to get back up, or…worse My arms went too far back and I felt like my shoulders would rip out of their sockets. It almost feels like you have to compensate when you know you are going with a lower weight….which we all know can lead to problems.

    As for Double Unders, all I can say is F*ck you DU’s. Seriously, no one likes you. hahah Hope all is well bud! Tell Jenn I said Heyyy!

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