Epic Fail : Paleo Style

So I originally started writting this post on Friday May 4th. I was working overtime and working when I was normally  Crossfitting, and my body had no problem letting me know how it didn’t appreciate the abrubt diversion from its normally scheduled programming.

This week I have to say…I get a big frown face on our box’s whiteboard. I broke down. Like a junky looking for that last fix before rehab, or like the Buffalo Bills in the Superbowl I gave in. I had a Ham and Cheese from Subway with an Ice Tea and Chocolate Chip Cookie. I figured, If I am going to cheat I might as well go big. Then, on Friday night while out to eat before going to see The Avengers (Bad ass, entertaining flick btw. Definitely go and check it out, you’ll walk out

From @crossfitMemes twitter pics!

wanting to scream “America….F*ck YEAH). After that dinner, I felt like SHIT. We had a shitty time with the restaurant we were at, crappy service, crappier food, and had to change our show time twice because it took us so long to get our dinner. So, lets just say Ryan was a happy camper. Since we had to change our show time, I was stressed out and literally inhaled the chicken and pasta. Seriously, opened my mouth…took a deep breath…and the food was in my stomach.

So, now that I had a nice brick settled in my stomach, what would be better than sitting in a sell out movie theater with dozens of strangers and watching a movie? Yeah…I couldn’t think of anything either.There was no way that I could get comfortable, it was awful. The entire time I sat there in the theater thinking: Ok, I get it…I won’t do it again.

Let’s face it people, none of you are perfect. Yeah, I said you…my ego isn’t at the level of humility it should be. Stay tuned, I am sure that will change after tomorrow’s CF WOD.The only way to better ourselves is to learn form our mistakes. This weekend was a big mistake in the nutrition category. Here is to hoping next week will be better, because I am gonna have to stare at that f*cking frown all week and it is going to piss me off!


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