My Frustrations with the Snatch

There it was…staring at me from the white board.

The workout that I had dreaded. No, it was Fran, Angie, Barbara or Chelsea not even Diane or Elizabeth. It was a simple olympic weight lifting technique. It was the Snatch.

Yet again, Again Faster offers up a great instructional video.

The snatch is quite possibly the hardest OLY movement, at least the hardest that I have yet to encounter. The best way that I could describe my snatch “cherry popping” moment is…frustrated. It is a very hard movement to do properly. In my head, I felt like the hulk. I felt like I was rocking that snatch like there was no tomorrow.

That was until, of course, my coach came over and proceeded to correct that point of view.

I really struggled with making it a fluid motion. I kept rocking some mutated form of a squat press, or a muscle snatch.

I finally gave up, well…more like the coach made me stop so we could get the WOD going. If there was anything that I took away from my frustrating morning with the snatch, it was that it takes a lot of patient and time to get right. Something I was not ready to give up that morning.

It was a sharp contrast from the week prior to this, when I nailed my first toes to bar and my first Rx workout. Just another step in the long process of this journey.


…oh yeah, how many times did you giggle like a school girl whenever I said “Snatch?” I may or may not have done it a few times while writting this post haha…


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