You Always Remember Your First…

…Toes to Bar that is.

I can remember it now, thinking in my head…”you want me to do what, where, and how quickly? Are you outta your mind?!”

That was my first thought when I did my first group WOD. I had just finished my 3 foundation sessions, and was starting to feel comfortable. My workouts had been progressing well and I was pleased with my progress. Then one day, this double WOD decided to rear its ugly head:

WOD 1: Alternating Tabata
Russian KB Swings (32#/24#) [I went with the 24#]
Ab Mat Sit Ups

EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)
7 Toes to Bar
7 Jumping Air Squats

So I have a core muscle group that is not exactly up to par. The idea of trying to get my toes up to my head made me wanna vomit (not as much as box jump burpees, but that is a post for another day). So I scaled the work out, my favorite part about Crossfit is being able to scale the work out to a point that makes your goals obtainable. I started out on the gymnastics rings so that I could focus on bringing my knee’s above the parallel. It worked out pretty well. Of course by “worked out” I mean I did it right most of the time with only a couple misfires.

Now lets fast forward a couple weeks. I had a freakish amount of energy one morning (most likely due to the current Paleo Challenge). We were doing focus work for the Pre-WOD. I chose to work on Toes to bar (T2B). It was a skill that I needed to spend time on and perfect. Thankfully the purpose of focus work is to do just that, low extremely high quality reps to perfect the skill that you are working on.

In my head I’m thinking “you got this, just kick that shit every time.” I grabbed the bar and brought my legs up above the parallel. After a few misfires, and some pointers from my coach, I FINALLY nailed my first T2B!!!

I hear her scream in support from across the room, meanwhile in my head I’m jumping around screaming in excitement at my newest achievement! It was truly a gratifying session. That is why I love Crossfit. You may not be able to nail it on your firs try, but everything is custom to your goals, and abilities until you reach the Rx.

Speaking of Rx – I also finished my first Rx workout that day!

1 min calorie roe
1 min wall walks
1 min atlas stones (ground to shoulder) (95/65)

It was finally an accomplishment that I could be proud of. Something that I could brag about. It also was pretty awesome to be able to put my name on up in the Rx Colum for that WOD on the good old white board!

Until next time folks, remember…you have to start somewhere. Good luck!


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