Nutrition – Is Your House Built on the Sand?

In life there are many things that will not succeed without something or someone else supporting it. For example, a house will fall down if it does not have a proper load structure, or foundation. Your heart will stop eventually if you stop breathing and visa versa.

There are a lot of fad diets out there. A lot of them are good in theory, but are not designed for sustained long-term nutritional support. If you notice, I am calling it nutrition, not a diet. Diets are meant to be eventually stopped or weened off of. When you stop a diet and return to your old habits, you gain the weight back. If you form good eating habits then you can sustain that nutritional plan and form positive eating habits to help you reach your long-term fitness goals.

I will admit, I didn’t buy into the idea of the changing my eating habits. I thought I could simply match calorie in for calorie out and be just fine. Well…not exactly. My Crossfit Box just started a 90 day Paleo challenge. The Box has seen a large amount of growth since I have been there, which has only been 2 months. Thus, making it a perfect time to get people jump started on the idea of Paleo eating.


Yeah…that’s what I had said. I had never heard of “Paleo” before getting interested in Crossfit. I am a Carb Junkie to the core. Give me the Chicken Parms, Pastas, Breads, Bagels, and Cereals. The idea of giving that up and eating…VEGTABLES…made me nauseous. I will certainly admit, I have not been the most faithful to the Paleo Challenge. I have had mornings where I have HAD to buy a bagel with my morning coffee. It is not the best way to start off the challenge, but you know what? I have no one to blame except for myself. On the bright side, I am paying attention to when I cheat on my nutritional plan, and I learn from it.

I’m going to share a video with you from the Crossfit Main site’s YouTube Channel. It is a great resource to tap if you have questions to be answered about anything to do with the Paleo or Zone nutrition plans. Watching this video caused the “aha” moment for me. For some reason, it clicked with this clip and I finally took the step to get serious about what it was that I was eating.

If you would like more specific information about the who, what, where and why primal eating will benefit you in your search for fitness you can check out the main site’s nutritional section here.

Hopefully this clip gave you some insight into why Nutrition will directly correlate to your goals, and results.


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