I took the plunge.

After months of research and curiosity, I contacted my first Crossfit Box and started becoming a regular attendee. I know what you’re thinking…probably along the lines of “oh great, another one to talk about CF and all the great CF things that he can do.” Well…clearly that will happen at some point, but right now…I am here to talk about how I started. After all, we all have to start somewhere.

I remember the night I made the decision to do it. I was fresh off of failing my third police dept PAT. The most recent failure was a big one, mentally, I had friends that had helped me get through the interview process and I felt like not only did I let myself down…I let them down. So I researched a couple that were in my immediate area, and I found CROSSFIT 508. It is a smaller box, tucked in the back of an old gymnastics school. To be honest, I had never even known it existed until I went there.

I had exchanged some emails back and forth with the contact person on their website. We set up a time for me to come in and do my introduction to the lifestyle (yeah that is not a typo, it’s a lifestyle change not a workout routine). I opened the door to the box and it made this wicked loud scraping steel on steel sound. There were already a group of participants gathered around the side of the gym waiting for the previous class to finish their workouts. EVERYONE instantly turned their head towards my direction. I felt like the awkward kid in gym class that no one likes. Until….I hear a voice shout “Hey, Welcome!” from across the room. The manager walks over from the side of the room, while still encouraging the WOD’ers to complete their workouts. I was instantly introduced to the participants in the room, as well as the other coaches and BOOM…there it is, I was part of the cult.

We had 5 others in our group for the introduction class that night. We went over some basic movements, air squats, ab mat sit ups, pull ups, and ring dips. Nothing too major, and I thought “I got this…no problem.”

Air squats, 10 reps BOOM Whats next?

Ab Mat Sit ups….10 reps ok, not so much BOOM, but still ready to move on.

Pull ups…ahhh about that. This is where my first reality slap hit me. I started banging out pull ups like I owned that bar, and then I hit my 4th rep. I couldn’t get the strength to get my chip up and over that bar. I hung there from the bar and said I couldn’t do it..I was maxed out. The instructor tied a band off of the bar and showed me just how I could actually do it. She took the time to explain to me how everything can be customized (or scaled) to your abilities. Every time I would start to lose focus, or feel like I am failing in the reps she would just whisper (“Stronger today, than yesterday”). I hit 10 reps, and dropped to the floor like I had just run a marathon.

I can’t even tell you what it was like to do the ring dips. Mainly because I don’t remember much more than I needed a band to help scale them.

Just like that, I was sold. I filled out the paperwork, and started attending 2 x per week. I wanted to ease into the workouts because it was clearly so radically different than anything I had been doing.

I can’t wait to share my adventures in Crossfit, and my attempts at primal eating with you here. Take care everyone.


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